At the heart of jewels

It was the love of Haute jewellery that led us into the world of gemstones. At Insignistone, we believe high quality gems are at the heart of the beauty of each jewellery piece. Based in Melbourne, Australia, we stock only natural, untreated, high quality gemstones. We hand-pick our collections to guarantee their quality and authenticity. We offer a select range of gemstones in premium quality, which we believe sets us apart from the rest of the market. We are also one of the largest Tanzanite stockist in the country.  

We collaborate with mine holders and gem merchants whose businesses are generations old, and have supplied to some of the most prestigious jewellery houses like Tiffany & Co. and Cartier. Through building an extensive working relationship with our suppliers, we are constantly updating our knowledge about the world of colour gemstones and the gem trade.  

We continuously advance our trade knowledge in order to bring to you, our customer, the best possible gemstones to suit your individual needs. We understand the need of our clientele intimately, as we also work with jewellery design and manufacturing. 

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